5 BEST web HOSTINGs in india

Hi Buddies!now a days web hosting is much needed.

Today world is suffering a lot with present pandemic situation. At the same time technically world is moving a head.

All most all software employees are working from home.
Even though present situation is worst, companies are recruiting new talent. Opportunities are out there. But the thing is, we have to stand in present competition. For that, we must be technically strong.

For enthusiasts like, digital marketing students, we designing students, or business management students, having own website is must. They must know web designing from scratch. Then only, they will be in competition.

To design a website, we must have a domain and hosting.
We will talk about the domain later.

At present, we will discuss about powerful hosting services in India.


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Bluehost started in the year 2003. And soon it became famous in the world of hosting with its avg server speed of 153ms.

In India, it is more famous for personal blogs and affiliate websites.
Blue host provides an excellent customer support, whenever you face any problem.

Websites which are made with blue host, are super fast across the globe. And they are giving a very good results for their owners.

It is also giving free domain, if you choose any one plan.

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One of Hostinger servers, is located in Singapore. There by, if we do the search from India, we get super fast response.

Because of Singapore server, Hostinger responds quickly to searches in Asia with avg speed of 175.8ms

From the recent reports, Bangalore region got 99ms record response time.

And the best part of Hostinger is, it provides super fast response time irrespective of the server location.

Hostinger’s customer support is also excellent. Customers in nearly 20 countries are very happy, because of native language customer support.

It is also giving free domain, if you choose any one plan.

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HostGator started in the year 2002. And it became on of the leading companies in the world.

As of now it serving more than 8 million domains.

Its reliable web hosting, great shared hosting plans, and customer support are major aspects of HostGator’s success.

HostGator provides 24/7 customer support on phone, live chat, and ticket based email.

The best part of its customer support is, even you can chat with CEO of company.

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GreenGeeks is also super fast hosting provider in the world with breath taking average speed of 118 ms.

GreenGeeks is having three server locations and they are in USA, Canada, Amsterdam. So for Indian users, response time is not that much fast. But not that bad

And the best part of GreenGeeks is, the function majorly depends upon renewable energy. It is only provider, which works on renewable energy.

And the customer support of GrernGeeks is also excellent.

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BigRock is having data center in Mumbai. There by it gives good results in India.

It is showing 62ms record speed in Singapore and 133ms in Japan. And

it is showing average speed of 190.3 ms.

The customer support of BigRock is okay.

And the plans are cheap.

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