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We suggest the best toys for babies of zero to six months of age.
Toys may give support to a baby’s development and growth.
Infants grow physically & mentally with the help of “toys for a newborn”.

Table of Contents

1List of Qualities May Be improved By Toys
1. Social understanding
2. Attachment
3. Emotion regulation
4. Cognitive
2The Milestones
1.First couple of months (0-2)
2.Second couple of months(2-4)
3.Third couple of months(4-6)
3Tips to choose the best toy for your newborn!
1. Go for simple.
2. Go for safe.
3. Go for lightweight.
4. Go for sounding toys.
4.Our Best Suggestions

In the first six months, the baby learns a lot. You may feel your infant is innocent and doesn’t know anything. But you cannot imagine the sharpness of your newborn.

Every month teaches a new set of skills and gives a new kind of experience to baby.

1. List of Qualities May Be improved By Toys

Baby loves your participation in play. Toys may help in improving the following qualities in babies.

Social understanding

Infants learn the world around them. They will respond & cooperate to society in a good manner.


You may be busy but give some time to your baby for playing. She or he enjoys your company. Thereby affection increases between you and your baby.

Emotion regulation

Infants may learn self-control with play. They can manage difficult feelings. These skills may help the baby after passing childhood.


Toys may help the baby in color identification. Some walking and talking toys may increase the curiosity in infants towards speaking. And in the future, the baby learns the language quickly.

And there are also so many other advantages like “physical growth” and “good health” in adulthood that can be easily earned.

Do you know? Your baby is born to win!

In the duration of six months, baby passes several milestones.

2. The Milestones

First couple of months (0-2)

Second couple of months(2-4)

Third couple of months(4-6)

These are just few. Already you may have been observed more than the listed above.

3.Tips to choose the best toy for your newborn!

We have done research on the best toys for babies 0 to 6 months of age. We want to help you out in the selection process. Now we show our best recommendations. So you can buy the best toys from here.

4. Our Best Suggestions

Lots of Fun

Toyshine Push and Shake Wobbling Bell Sounds Roly Poly Tumbler Doll (Multicolour)

  • Your baby keeps smile!
  • This is the best toy for infants.
  • Infant learning toys.

This tumbler doll makes a smile on the baby’s face. If you push the doll gently, it wobbles. And the doll never falls. In addition to this, the doll makes a sweet and soft sound. And the baby would be extremely happy while playing with this doll.

Manufacturer recommends this doll to one month and above age babies. Baby loves to touch the doll.

Visual Skills

Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Mind-Shapes Multi-Sensory Soft Activity Shape Set

  • Manhattan: The best brand for infant toys.
  • A visual treat for infants.
  • Developmental toys for infants.

Manhattan toy brand is winning the hearts of parents and infants for more than 30 years. They are creators of original black and white toys. Their toys are research-based designs. And high contrast black and white images on the toys are helpful in improving visual skills.

More Happiness

Manhattan Toy Skwish Classic

  • Best toys for babies
  • improves motor skills.
  • This may be your baby toy.

It is also from the Manhattan Toy brand. Even two months baby enjoys playing with this toy. And the baby may try to reach it.

Skwish toy is fascinating parents for more than 30 years. It is more helpful in developing motor skills in infants. it is a 6-inch diameter product. It is available in 4 styles. And it is made up of wood. The toy has smooth edges so that cannot harm the baby.


LAMAZE Freddie The Firefly – Clip on Pram & Pushchair Newborn Baby Toy, Sensory Toy, Christmas Gift for Babies Boys & Girls From 0 – 24 Months

  • This can be your baby gift.
  • Your baby learns colors.
  • The bright colors & variety of textures.

Lamaze is also a good brand for toys. Many toys are highly successful in this brand. This firefly toy is famous piece among so many parents and babies for so many years.


Shumee Wooden Fish Rattle Toy (0+ Years) – Discover Sounds

  • Educational toy.
  • Sonic & Visual stimulation.
  • Made in India.
  • 100% eco-friendly

This wooden rattle delights newborns. This toy is made up of nontoxic wood. And it is having smooth edges so that it cannot harm the baby. It is an educational toy and tactile. It improves sonic, & visual stimulation.

Color Recognition

Shumee Wooden Keys Rattle and Teething Toy for Infants, Babies(0 – 1 Year) – Organic, Natural, Grasping, Clutching Montessori Keys Teether

  • Organic wood toy for babies.
  • Teething toy.
  • Jaw development.
  • Color counting.

This wooden rattle helps to recognize different colors. The manufacturer says it promotes jaw development and cognitive growth. And it can also help in eye coordination & improving motor skills.

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