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Sorav jain

Hey digital marketing enthusiast! How do you do?

I know. You want to learn new course in digital marketing. You also want to increase your brand value in online platform.

And I know. Due to pandemic, it is not possible for you to take offline coaching. And even coaching centres are also closed.

Don’t worry! No need to go anywhere! No need to search “digital marketing course in Delhi”,“digital marketing course in Hyderabad” or “digital marketing course in Mumbai” e. t. c. in google.

We know that, now a days most of the people are doing work from home. And students are taking classes by simply sitting in their homes.

Then why do you need to go outside and learn new things. No need to go anywhere!Digital marketing comes to your home!

Here we are introducing you the man of digital marketing! Who is none other than Mr. Sorav Jain.

In fact most of the people, who are aware of digital marketing may know him.

He is giving training for various niches in digital marketing through online. Those are very good and helpful for your personal growth.

Though he is famous for Instagram, gives training in” growth of YouTube channel” like niches also.

Here is the Complete list of courses offered by Sorav Jain.

1.Two Month Intensive Social Media Strategy

2.YouTube Mastery Course

3.Leads to Sales Mastery Course

4.Hastag Mastery Course

5.Instagram Influencer Mastery Course

6.Digital Trainers Festival

1.Two Month Intensive Social Media Mastery.

There is a most wonderful thing about this course. The curriculum is crafted by agency experts.

The course focuses on imparting core Social Media Skills, train students hands-on and help them develop personality traits to suit the agency culture. Candidates are exposed to all the latest facets of Social Media within the period.

Key Benifits 

Digital marketing course in delhi        

Key Highlights

• Two months of project work and practical assignment
• Gain Knowledge of different advanced SMM Tools.
• 36+ hours of instructor led training.
• 30+hours of self paced learning
• Global case study discussions.
• Master industry endorsed tools.
• In depth knowledge in branding
• Proficiency in social selling
• Art of minimalistic designing
• Learn to engage your followers using live.
Price: ₹12,999.
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2.YouTube Mastery Course

This course will introduce you to the business district of YouTube: Where monetization is the name of the game, and influencers play their cards wisely to rise in success.

Digital marketing in delhi

Course Content

• The Basics of YouTube Marketing
• Why you should focus on brand promotion
• Icon: Change the icons in the settings
• Competitor Analysis
• Keyword Research
• Essential Tools To Help YouTube SEO
• Advanced YouTube Channel SEO
• Video content planning, style and delivery
• Viral Videos Content Templates
• How to research and create videos from scratch!
• Tracking Results
• Making Money on YouTube
• YouTube and Google Discovering Ads
Module 5: Rank on YouTube and Analytics
• Cross-Promotion and Subscription Rate Boosting – Growth Hacks
• Getting Insights from YouTube Analytics
• Basics to Advanced insights management.
Price:₹ 2,999.
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3.Leads to Sales Mastery

This digital marketing course is designed by Sorav Jain.

His way of approach is different from all other digital marketers.

His approach in sales funnel is mainly depend up on effective utilisation of social media.

His leads to sales mastery course consists of three social media mastery courses

• Facebook Ads Mastery
• Facebook Messenger Ads Mastery
• Email Marketing Mastery

Facebook Ads Mastery

The best (and the fastest!) way to get TONS of dream customers to your funnel is through social media ads.

Why? Because you want to be where your clients are spending their time.

And there are over 2,500,000,000 active users in the biggest social network (yes—the blue one). So don’t waste your time trying to chase the wrong leads.

Just follow the template, fill in the blanks, do your brand and audience analysis…and voila!!

Your ads are ready to FIRE.

Facebook Messenger Ads Mastery

Learn the art of growing your leads and sales by activating Messenger Ads marketing.

2020 is all about smart chatbot marketing, you can sell while you sleep as the chatbots will do the talking on your behalf.

It’s as easy as cooking (but without the messy hands and cut fingers). All you need is to follow the system of creating a chatbot.

After adapting Messenger Marketing for multiple sectors like Salon, Jewelry, Retail Fashion, Event Marketing, Personal Brand, Edutainment and Real Estate, I have garnered more confidence in the art of converting customers through conversations.

Email Marketing Mastery

Many people think that email marketing is dead because of the exponential growth of social media.

But smart entrepreneurs don’t judge anything by feelings. They rely on numbers. Because NUMBERS DON’T LIE.

And here is the TRUTH:

“Email marketing is the king
of the marketing kingdom with a 4400% ROI…
…and $44 for every $1 spent.”

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4.Hash tag Mastery Course

This course is specially designed to get most followers and engagement on Instagram.

Sorav says you can increase your engagement by 91% with this course.

He came to know the importance of hashtag with his own experience in 2016.

Sorav jain 

Intelligent Usage of Hashtag gives more followers for you.

And you can’t believe your own Instagram account. You will get awesome results.

Benefits of the program

• Exclusive Advanced Hashtag Tool training

• How to Crack Instagram Algorithm

• 5 Steps to Become a Highly Paid Instagram Influencer

• eBook on How to Use Instagram for Personal Branding

• eBook on Ultimate Guide to become a highly paid Instagram influencer

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5.Instagram Influencer Mastery

What does…becoming an Instagram influencer means to you?

In Sorav’s point of view

For Everyone it’s different…

For some of you, you’re unemployed or in 9-5 Job that you hate and you’re trying all the ways to get out..

For some of you, you know your worth but unable to deliver to a huge audience that you Deserve!

For others, you are entrepreneurs with your own company but you’re stuck and wondering why your competitor is doing so well!?

For few of you, you’ know there are thousands of followers for you but nobody pays!

For all above problems, Sorav is giving answers through this course

Let’s see , what is he going to teach!

Sorav jain Instagram influencer

Week 1: Niche Clarity And Discovery!

Niche Clarity Formula

Influencer myths and affirmations

Getting started with creators’ account

Week 2: Content Mastery Machine

Content Mastery Machine so that you never have to run out of ideas which means your next 365 days content is on me.

Easy Step-By-Step process to help you get started with creating content that sells which means less work and double the ROI

Video Making Mastery – Make Killer Looking Videos right from drafting your stories and how to edit it – The templates are on us!

Week 3: Secret Mantra to Grow your Instagram Followers

Best Facebook Targeting Strategies to grow high paying followers in your niche which means you will generate followers from your niche for as low as a 2 rupee!

Best organic Methods to generate quick reach and followers!

Exclusive Hashtags Training that will help you to increase your reach by atleast 80%

Exclusive Shoutouts, Giveaways strategies and Ideas.

How to use various bots to do competitor analysis and crush your competition before they know it.

Week 4: How to earn Via Affiliate Marketing

How to make the best use of Instagram website click option in Bio to drive affiliate sales.

Best organic Methods to generate quick reach and followers!

Exclusive Hashtags Training that will help you to increase your reach by atleast 80%

Exclusive Shoutouts, Giveaways strategies and Ideas.

How to use various bots to do competitor analysis and crush your competition before they know it.

Some More topics!

Understand Anatomy of Ig Profits

Understanding Profit Tools On Instagram

Working on your Instagram Page Aesthetics.

Instamojo for driving sales

Tik-Tok Mastery

Price ₹6999
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