MX player launched a similar app as Tik Tok.We already know that Indian government banned 59 apps including TokTok.

To fill this void created by TikTok, many companies have been trying to create similar app. One of the leading video player MX player also participated in this competition. And reports are saying that MX player got success in creating app. And that is MX TakaTak.

TikTok & MX TakaTak have similar features. Even layout looks same. People see no difference between the two apps. And reports are saying that , this app is perfect replacement for TikTok.

MX TakaTak offers fun and real videos. We can create short videos and post.And we can share them on our favorite social media sites like Facebook, watsapp e.t.c.

This app is already installed 10M+ times and size of the app is 24MB only.

And this app available in languages Hindi, Telugu, Punjabi, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, English.

If you don’t have MX TakaTak in your mobile, you can download and install by clicking below button.

MX TakaTak replacement for TikTok

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